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Although we did not get to Celebrate 10 Years of New Plays we are back for season 11! Developing new plays and producing as a small theatre company in Boston can be an uphill battle, and COVID-19 did not make that any easier for us.

We have the most amazing season lined up for you with Two world premieres that will be performed in the Black Box Theatre at the Boston Center for the Arts. In addition to that we are part of the Line Drawn pilot cohort and will be enacting policies that we created surrounding anti-racism and inclusion. The work doesn't stop there and we hope that you will continue to give to Fresh ink so that we can invest in our local artist.

During this time of giving, we’re raising $10K for Season 11 to support Fresh Ink’s local artists and the ongoing development of new work right here in Boston. A tax-deductible gift to Fresh Ink allows us to:

  • Provide extended development time for our season playwrights
  • Cover the costs of COVID - 19 Safety measures for rehearsals and performances
  • Increase artist stipends and designer budgets
  • Stay on top of administrative costs like insurance and permits

Donations from our community help us pay the bills and support the work of home-grown artists. Every dollar makes a difference and establishes Fresh Ink as a vital part of Boston’s new play ecosystem. We hope you consider making a tax-deductible gift today!

We also know that sustaining a small company can take many forms, so we’re launching a new program so you can support Fresh Ink in more than one way! Whether you choose to donate, volunteer, regularly attend productions, or do a combination of all three, we want to recognize the people who are helping us cement Fresh Ink as a hub of new play development!

Starting in Season 11, you can support Fresh Ink by...

Becoming a Supporter of Fresh Ink:

Purchase two tickets to each production in Season 11 and/or Donate any amount between $50-$150 in Season 11 and/or Participate in one Fresh Ink Volunteer Opportunity in Season 11

Becoming a Partner of Fresh Ink:

Purchase four tickets to each production in Season 11 and/or Donate any amount between $151- $350 in Season 11 and/or Participate in three Fresh Ink Volunteer Opportunities in Season 11

Becoming a Sponsor of Fresh Ink!

Attend all Fresh Ink Productions, Mad Dash & Ink Spot Festival for three consecutive seasons and/or Donate $350+ over the course of three consecutive seasons and/or Participate in six or more Fresh Ink Volunteer Opportunities over the course of three consecutive seasons

Each level of support also comes with special benefits, including:

Supporter Level Partner Level Sponsor Level
Invitations to open rehearsals, post-show receptions, and other select events X X X
Name is featured on our website & program   X X
Receive a one-time BOGO ticket code to use for the date of your choosing for any production   X X
Receive a complimentary ticket to the opening night performance of each production     X
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You can also mail a check made payable to Fresh Ink Theatre to the following address:
Fresh Ink Theatre Company
P.O. Box 230874,
Boston MA 02123-0874
For more information about ways you can support Fresh Ink Theatre Company, contact Stephanie LeBolt at
[email protected]